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Makita Table SawMakita Table SawMakita Table Saw
Makita Table Saw - A Must Have Item

Looking for a Makita table saw?  Table saws are a must have item for any serious woodworker, whether you’re doing it as a hobby, or using it to construct a shed, deck or other such home improvements, you need a good saw in order to get the job done quickly, easily and of course accurately.

The Makita table saw is one of the better ones out there on the market, this company is well known for producing quality products, so much so in fact that the Makita tools are no stranger to any work site, they are usually the dominant brand to be found.

Now if you’re trying to figure out which Makita table saw to get, I’ve got some reviews here which should help you to make your final decision:

1.  Makita 2703 15 Amp 10-Inch Benchtop Table Saw

This is one of the most popular ones I found through Amazon, it will run you about $380.14.  For the price, this is a great choice for a table saw at a job site.  The 15 amp motor gives you plenty of power and seeing as how there is a 3-9/16 cut capacity, this saw can get through 4x4s in 1 pass. 

This also has an electric brake so that if you’re making a change between your cuts it is safer and easier for you to do so.  The table that comes with this is 27x22”.  This is a 40 pound table saw that has minimal vibration to it.

Now while this has plenty of power to rip through lumber and even though it is very light weight even for portable saws, one reviewer mentions crosscutting is not quite as accurate.

As far as power for the price though, this is a winner, it is definitely a dependable workhorse.  This ranks in at 3 ½ stars out of 5 on Amazon from 56 user reviews.

2.  Makita 2703X1 15 Amp 10” Benchtop Table Saw w/ Fixed Stand

Here’s one that comes with a stand for $378.73 at Amazon.  This saw was made to be a heavy duty, general purpose jobsite table saw and it serves it’s purpose well in this area.  This might not be for a professional woodworker to build some furniture or custom cabinets, however if properly set up, this is a task that is definitely doable with this saw.

So while this may not be geared as a shop saw for precision work, it is most definitely a job saw for rips and quick cuts on a job site, and for that, you really can’t beat it.

So if you need a Makita table saw, those are 2 of the better ones to choose from.  Do look around though, I’ve only gone over 2 of the Makita table saw products that are available to you.